Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

As a premier structural steel fabricator, Mountain States Steel continues to build upon
the rich tradition of providing the finest quality product, on schedule, to valued
customers. We "Make it happen" in a safe, positive, team-oriented environment.


Develop a business structure that drives annual sales growth and consistent
profitability. Establish an optimal organization that:
Develops individual discipline and responsibility
Creates and sustains the safest workplace
Maximizes resources; increases productivity
Fosters personal growth
Gives every employee the opportunity to share in the company's success
Be a recognized leader in the industry as a showpiece fabricator

Core Values

Honesty with fellow employees, customers, vendors and subcontractors
Effectively utilize time and resources; give our best effort in everything we do
Challenge the process and continuously improve
Provide superior workmanship; treat each individual with respect
Commitment to exceed customer expectations
Be open and direct, listen to, understand and respond appropriately